Terri & Randy Keene

We set out to build our dream home ten years ago and researched area builders to find whom we believed, could build the very best quality and effectively priced home. Since our goal was a 10,000 square foot home on a five acre piece of property, we saw this as a great opportunity to do something special. We chose Corey to build the initial home and avoided all of the horror stories we had heard about when constructing a home of this magnitude. We truly could not have been more pleased with his professionalism, timeliness, quality of sub-contractors, design insight, foresight in future problems, closeness to budget, etc. There is simply nothing that we could critique in our construction process.

Seven years later, we decided to do a rather significant addition, more than doubling the size of the main house and adding some significant external structures, such as gazebos, a tennis court, a river, along with other specialty landscape designs and structures. It was not difficult for us to pick someone to do this extensive remodel and we quickly went to Corey and hired him to put the project together. It was an extremely difficult and challenging project to add that many square feet to an already large existing home and make it not look like an addition. Corey did a tremendous job in coordinating sub-contractors, material flow and all, for what was a very difficult engineering challenge to complete. He did it on time and very close to budget while we lived in a portion of the house.

At the end of the construction project, we had the unfortunate encounter of experiencing an arsonist charged fire that destroyed much of our new addition, as well as a substantial portion of our existing house. Again, we had no thoughts of hiring anyone other than Corey, to come and “Save the Day.” He did a tremendous job working with the insurance agents, architects and engineers, putting our home back together in a timely, efficient and minimally disruptive manner. We were actually able to live in a portion of our home during this entire process as well.

Because of Corey’s professionalism, talent, creativity and quality associations as it relates to sub-contractors, we simply cannot imagine attempting to do what we have done or to build another house without Corey’s assistance. Working with him has been a pleasure. We had no financial disputes; it simply has been a joy that actually caused us to want to build again. I could not recommend Corey and his team more highly, for this most precious and trusted encounter of building a home.

Randy & Terri Keene
Southlake Design/Build